2013: My Plan

Wow! 2012 was an amazing year! So much growth – personally and business-wise. Back in July, I posted about what was next for Something Detailed.  This past year, I have been able to grow Something Detailed into a true business with a plan and a focus. I want to continue to be transparent.

I have met so many wonderful business owners and stationery designers across the country and created a truly invaluable support system. I have more focus on the “ideal client” and have been working hard to create a wonderful client experience with each and every customer. I am truly blessed to have friends and family who support me through ordering cards, spreading the word and being a listening ear after a long day.

I have honed in on what I want Something Detailed to be: a wedding invitation design company.

So, in 2013, I have some big plans! Here are some goals that I have set for myself and Something Detailed:

1) Continue to focus on designing custom wedding invitations. Some of you know I have dabbled in party design and planning for kids, worked on children’s birthday invitations and paper goods. I have a passion for weddings and the children’s invitations and parities were so much fun, but did not allow me the time to focus on what I love. I was doing too much and it became hard to get anything done.

2) Work on a wedding invitation, wedding paper details and social stationery collection. Debuting this month! A semi-custom collection for brides.

3) Wedding Invitation Etiquette Workshop. We’ll be hosting another etiquette workshop this spring. I really think Nashville brides can learn a lot about the modern details of wedding invitation etiquette. Update: maybe some videos, soon? 

4) Continue to form a great referral business. I love referring vendors who I think are amazing. Building a stable of vendors who you completely trust and who are a good fit for you, while planning your wedding, is invaluable.

5) Continue to grow my Etsy shop. Etsy got a makeover in 2012 and it will be the home to my 2013 wedding invitation collection. This will also allow me to work with clients across the country and not just in Nashville.

6) Attend Stationery Academy as a sophomore. One of the best investments I have ever made. Continuing to learn and grow to be the best version of myself that I can be.

7) Continue to build Stationery Designers of Nashville.  We have SO much talent in Nashville. There are at least 15 stationery designers who live here. We are all different – not all wedding focused. But seriously, the talent! We are supporting each other – dedicated to furthering our education, encouraging each other through fellowship and continually improving our craft. I truly believe that people are placed in your life for a reason. We can all learn from each other and grow together.

8) Continue to improve my client experience. If you have worked with me, I really do try to go above and beyond – complete with little trinkets and gifts along the way. :)

9) Branch out into some giftware. I love home decor and have already listed some trays on my site. But, I’d love to create a line of candles, trays, computer and iPad covers and other baubles where I can design with my own prints and ideas.

10) Blogging and Education. I will continue to write unique and original posts here. I love the Tuesday Tips on etiquette. I also love doing mini series to help brides navigate the world of wedding stationery. I hope you can appreciate my blunt, un-sugar coated advice. Honesty is something that a lot of folks can gain from – no need to be PC and try to camouflage things. I like being transparent.

11) I’d love to help other business owners through what I have learned along the way. Focusing on marketing, sales and the client experience. Maybe some blog posts, coffee and convos. Share my experience so that someone can learn from my mistakes.

12) Last, but not least. Continue to hone in on my WHY?. This is probably the biggest one. Something I learned from Stationery Academy: I must know my WHY?. I’ll share that later in the month. Update: I shared my why in this post a few weeks later. 

I ask for your continued support! As always, I am here to help and want to support the Nashville bride community, as well as brides nationwide with wedding invitations and modern etiquette.

I will continue to learn and bring that into my brand and design style to create the very best and authentic stationery collection for Something Detailed.



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  1. quaddeucedesign says:

    I think you should know how much of an inspiration you are to me, Jennifer. Keep it up! I’ve seen how much Something Detailed has grown just in the last few months, and you’re right: you’re poised for great things in 2013. :) See you soon!

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