Wedding Invitations: What You Should Know If You Are Newly Engaged


Start thinking about Save the Dates to let you guests know a formal invitation is on its way.

Start thinking about Save the Dates to let you guests know a formal invitation is on its way.


So you are newly engaged?! Congratulations! Now what? I know from also being newly engaged during the holiday season, wedding planning can be overwhelming during this busy time.

Once you have taken the time to soak it all in, set a date, choose a location, find your photographer, think about your budget and meet with a wedding planner (please meet with a planner –  you won’t regret it!), it will be time to start looking for save the dates and wedding invitations & stationery.

Paper is a big part of that wedding planning budget, and I’ve rounded up a few of our old posts to help you understand more about planning for wedding invitation budgets, what parts of a wedding invitation you need and so much more!

Something Detailed designs custom and semi-custom wedding invitations. We are located in Nashville, Tennessee, but work with brides all over the country. Read through these and then give me a call – I am here to help and design the perfect wedding invitation to match your wedding style.

All You Need to Know: Save the Dates

There are lots of questions about save the dates: Do I have to send one? When should I send a save the date? We’re tried to answer a lot of the questions you have about save the dates! Read More »


Parts of a Wedding invitation | What pieces do you need?

It all starts with the invitation, the centerpiece of the stationery suite. But, what else do you need to go in that ever important envelope? Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding and tells the who, what, when, where of the day. It’s very confusing (since you only pick these out once in your life!) to know what parts you need to include in your invitation and why. I’ve broken down, below, what the different components of a wedding invitation are and if or why you should include them. Read More »

Some of the different parts of wedding invitations you might need.

Some of the different parts of wedding invitations you might need.

10 things you need to know before ordering your wedding invitations

Invitations are a big part of your wedding. Meeting with an invitation designer or starting your DIY search online may start to overwhelm you. There are so many options and then all the pieces you will need. It’s the first thing your guests see and will set the tone for your event, so here are 10 things you need to know or have Read More »

What You Should Know About Custom Invitations

What should brides expect when having custom wedding and social stationerydetails designed?

Many times, having custom wedding invitations designed is the first time a bride has worked with a graphic designer, and they aren’t sure what to expect. Read More »


Catalog vs Custom Wedding Invitations

When beginning to look for wedding invitations, there are a few different places to begin: you can look online, you can go to a retail store, you can work with a custom designer or you can DIY. So what are the differences? Read More »

Know your budget before you meet with a wedding invitation designer.

Know your budget before you meet with a wedding invitation designer.

Part 2: Online Retailers

Now that you know where the best place is to start your search for wedding invitations: online, box retailer, semi-custom, custom or DIY, we will dig down into what the pros and cons are of each. Read More »


Part 3: Semi-Custom vs. Custom Wedding Invitations

Both custom, and semi-custom {below} allow you to “brand” your wedding. From start to finish, everything is created for a polished look throughout the day. Many times, custom designers will work with your event designer, planner or florist to get an overall idea of what the wedding style will be so there isn’t a disconnect from the rest of the wedding style. Read More »


Part 4: DIY Wedding Invitations

If you are super crafty, have worked with paper a lot in the past through scrapbooking or card making, and you have a good knowledge of design software systems, then by all means, you should consider DIYing your wedding invitations. If you are not super crafty, and only own a glue gun for emergencies, then you might need to save a DIY project for something not as important as your invitations. Some things to consider about DIY wedding invitations. Read More »


Part 5: Budgeting for Wedding Invitations

I’ve met with hundreds of brides and one of the first things we discuss, after the normal chit chat, is what they want to spend on their wedding invitations. Many times, their answer is, “I’m not sure. How much do they cost?” What a huge can of worms!

There are so many factors that can affect the cost of your wedding invitations. So, before you fall in love with something you can’t afford, keep this {all of the below} in mind: Read More »


Why are wedding invitations so expensive?

Don’t let the information you find through Google-ing lead you astray as to what invitations really cost. Wedding invitation pricing may seem unrealistic to you, so I want to educate brides and help them understand what goes into the cost of wedding invitations.  Read More »


Have You Budgeted for Wedding Invitation Postage?

So many brides forget to include postage in their stationery budgets. Not only for invitations, but for all the thank you notes as well! Postage rates are based on certain criteria like weight, size and shape. How much postage you pay depends on your invitation design. Read More »


I hope that helps answer some questions. Do you research and learn as much as you can so you are prepared. I can’t say this enough: know your budget for wedding invitations. You can get your heart set on something that isn’t in your budget. Be smart. Be realistic. And be happy with your choices. There is something for everyone! Best wishes in this new chapter of your lives together. 



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