How to Write a Wedding Thank You Note

As a born and raised Southern woman and now Nashville wedding invitation designer, thank you notes are a matter of the utmost importance. They are MUSTS. You must send them and you must write them by hand. NO EXCPETIONS.

Thank You notes don’t have to match your invitations, but it is a classy touch to have your communication with your guests match and flow with the rest of your wedding theme and paper. You’re going to be looking at them a lot, so you should love them.

When you order, remember to include the number from bridal showers, engagement parties, and bachelorette parties you may need to send thank you notes for also. You will need to send one for each person who gives you a gift, which sometimes means two notes for one person or family if they gave you more than one gift. Once you estimate your final number, add about 25 extra for mistakes.

A common mistake brides make is to wait to write all their thank you notes at once. Don’t do it. Your hand will cramp, your eyes will cross, and your enthusiasm will wane.

Tip: Keep a stack of cards and stamps on your kitchen table. When a gift arrives, write the note immediately and get it out. That way it won’t pile up on you.

Thank You Timing Etiquette

Before the wedding, send thank you notes within 4-6 weeks of receiving a gift.

If you receive a gift after the wedding, make sure you send a thank you note within 3-4 months of returning from your honeymoon.

Make it Personal

Make sure your thank you note is personalized. Your note only needs to be a few sentences long, not a novel. Include a thank you, name the gift, let them know how you plan on using the gift, where you have displayed it and close with salutation.

And remember, your note should always be hand written. Never send an official thank you note over email or typed and printed. And no, text messages do not count either!

How to write a thank you note for a wedding gift

Here are some general phrases to help fill you get started, but make it personal! Get the groom involved. Sign both of your first names. It’s also a nice touch for the groom to actually sign his name, even if he hasn’t written the note.

“Thank you so much for attending our wedding and sharing our special day.”

“Your gift was both thoughtful and practical, and very much appreciated.”

“Your thoughtfulness warms our hearts, and your gift will be cherished for years to come.”

“It was wonderful to see you at our wedding. Just knowing that you were there to share our special day with us is a memory we will always treasure.”

“Whenever we use our new _______, we will think of each of you and your thoughtfulness.”

“The ______ is one of those very special items that we will be able to use and enjoy for years to come!”

“We love the _______. I’ve already found the perfect place to display them.”

“The money you gifted is such a blessing to help pay for _________ as we prepare to move.”

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