When to Send Save the Dates, Do I Need a Save the Date?

Many of you may be at a point in your life where you’re attending or are a part of a ton of weddings. I know that I went to 12 weddings in 1 year — that’s one wedding per month! Whether you’re planning your wedding for this fall, next spring or even next year, save your date on your guests’ calendars with a Save the Date.

There are lots of questions about Save the Dates: Do I have to send a save the date? When should I send a Save the Date? Does it have to match my invitations? What size do they need to be? What information do I put on the Save the Date? I don’t know my venue yet, is that ok? Does it need to be a postcard, a card, a magnet, or can I do something else? Keep reading, gals.

1. Do I need to send out a Save the Date?

Not always. If you have guests who are traveling from out of town or you are planning a destination wedding, it is a great way to notify them formally so they can plan and save for travel.

If your wedding is during the summer (high vacation months), peak wedding season (April/May & September/October for the Nashville, Tennessee area), during holiday weekends, or Festival event weekends (CMT Fest and CMA Awards are the two biggies here in Middle Tennessee) then it would be a good idea to send a Save the Date to secure your date on your guests calendars.

2. When should Save the Dates be sent?

Send Save the Dates 6 months – 8 months prior to the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, send them out 8-10 months in advance.

3. What information should I include?

Your names, date, city & state are a basic start and really all you need to include. Optional information to include on your Save the Date would be: hotel info, wedding website, and venue (but only if you have signed the contract!)

4. Who should receive a Save the Date?

Everyone who will receive a wedding invitation, so make sure your guest list is somewhat complete. Though, there will always be a few people you forget and will need to add later, so always order about 10-20 extra, just in case.

Keep in mind if someone receives a save the date and a friend of theirs does not, they could get their feelings hurt if you intend for them to be invited to the wedding and opted out of sending them a save the date.

5. Do we include “and guest” on the Save the Date?

If you know for sure if you will be including guests for your single friends, then use “and guest” on your Save the Date. If you are not sure yet, don’t include it, but be sure to specify it on the formal invitation. Always be clear who is invited and include formal names, not nick names.

8. What if we change the venue?

I suggest not including the location until it is confirmed, with a deposit made and a contract signed. Just include your date and the city & state where the wedding will be held.

9. Can we include registry information on our save the date?

It’s best to leave this to word of mouth, for your wedding website, and on shower invitations. Guests will not begin to purchase wedding gifts until after they receive a shower invitation or wedding invitation anyway.

And please, NEVER include your registry information on your formal wedding invitation. That’s a major “No-No.”

10. How do we decide on style when we don’t really know what our wedding style is going to be?

It’s always great to have a vision, but if you don’t, just use your favorite style and colors. It will likely match the style and vision that you have for your wedding day as well. Your Save the Date does not need to match your invitation. Have fun with it!

11. How many should I order?

Make sure you have a fairly complete guest list. You should order one Save the Date per Couple, Family (with children under 18), Single Guest and enough extras for those whom you may have forgotten. If you are using an envelope you should always order 20 or more extra envelopes for errors or address changes.

It’s always important to get started on that guest list first so you’ll know for sure, but typically, you’ll need about half of your total guest list. So, if you have 100 people invited to your wedding, you’ll need around 50 Save the Dates and Invitations.

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